Martial Arts

About this site

This site has two parts:

First Part

It is about Martial Arts with a lean towards Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Art.

The concept for this site is to provide and grow a platform for Martial Arts sites and clubs to list their offerings and be part of a growing community of Martial Arts enthusiast, participants or clubs.

Second part

This is about making my site “findable”, this means being able to appear fairly high in the search page, when people search for relevant words. To achieve this I have included relevant keywords in my content.

The difficulty is the terms are commonly used, the challenge is to find some unique words or phrases.

Things I have done:

I have built up my content to include the keywords. I have make my site accessible to reach a wider audience and not miss out on the 22% of people with disabilities. This has included making sure the use of colour is effective with high contrast, this is important given how many people have some form of colour blindness.

I have registered with google webmaster so I can analyse my findability data and make adjustments.

Initially I am very low in the rankings but with more work I should be able to improve my findability.