Pay per Click advertising

Have you seen that great looking link, clicked on it, only to find it is not what you thought it was?  Congrats you have clicked on a Pay per Click advert. 

Annoying? Yes (maybe)!

Sometimes you can discover something you want/need that you had not been looking for.

How do these work?

As the name suggests the advertiser only gets paid when someone actually clicks on the link.  The more clicks the more money, and advertisers love money (people with bills).

Key search words play a big part in the Pay per click.

When a person searches on say Goggle, Google’s algorithm looks at what all the advertisers and chooses a set of adverts that appear in the ad space on the search result page, you have probably noticed the adverts at the top of most search results.

What can Pay per Click be used for?

    • Mostly it is used to increase sales
    • Is can be used to get new customer leads
    • Also it can be used to increase Brand awareness, especially for an emerging business.

Pay per click are especially prevalent when a user is searching for a product or retail outlet, because the search is already geared for sales.