SEO techniques and/or utilities

What does SEO stand for: Search Engine Optimization?

This is setting up your website so that it appears at the top of the search page, when users is search for related items.

What Techniques can be used?

    • Make sure your website is professional, well-constructed and fast to load.
    • Make your content easy to read and products easy to fine.
    • Make sure your website displays well on a mobile device and the menus are easy to access and easy to use, mobile design is not just a scaled down version of a desktop design.
    • Use blogs to increase traffic and interaction, but do not write brief blogs as they may not generate ongoing conversations.
    • Keep your content fresh, so there is a reason for people to return to your site and therefore increase your traffic.
    • Ensure your website is built with semantic mark-up for accessibility and so that Google can easily interrogate your site.
    • Make sure your navigation does not contain broken links, so that all pages display correctly and not 404 errors appear.
    • Where applicable use keywords for local services, this will increase your hits from local searches.
    • Have meaningful and targeted titles on your page (in your title tags).

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