The Martial and/or the Art

You have probably heard this saying many times, I have from peers and seniors:

the more I learn the less I know.”

I find this to be inescapably true, the more I think about a technique, the more I realise, how much more I need to study it.  There are so many levels, so many details to consider.

Does meditating on a technique, on its beauty, how to gain more power, does it drive you towards studying the Art as opposed to the Martial?

Is diving into a technique so deeply almost a spiritual experience?

I have only questions at this stage, not answers and there are so many questions.

When I was young it was all about the fighting/sparing and self-defence, I loved it, I craved it.  As I get older, (not sure I like this getting older thing, but it is inevitable) I find I am drawn more to the Art.  To strive for that perfection that is out of my reach, at this stage anyway, maybe forever.

Does working on the Art detract from the actual self-defence?

Perhaps it is a silly question, I do not know, but as I think about the Art, I wonder is the Martial more instinctive, more in the moment.

I have witnessed some beautiful moments in the ring, seen some practitioners, who are poetry in motion.  So beautiful it takes your breath away.

Does the Art lead to the Martial or the Martial to the Art?

Or do they always belong together, as the name suggests.

Martial Arts

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  1. as an observer only I can only relate it to general experience and that means for me the art is in martial. Something does not become art to an observer until it is mastered. This takes practice and more practice. With practice the technique, the skill then becomes part of long term memory for the artist, along with limbic system associations which give us an emotional connection to it.

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