As Skyhooks sang “Ego is not a dirty word” (July 1975), is it?

Do you need an ego to be a good Martial Artist or does it hold you back?

Does Ego drive you on to be better, to learn more?

The Oxford dictionary list Ego as: “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance”.

What if we had no Ego? Would we keep striving to improve?

One of the philosophies of Taekwondo is:

Always be yourself even though your circumstances may change.

This in my opinion is an important philosophy and a difficult one to achieve.  As you learn more it becomes more difficult to keep your Ego in check, it is almost natural to believe in your own self importance as you progress through the ranks.

I am not saying that Ego is bad, without it most people would not try to achieve, but at what point does it get in the way of real knowledge and skill.

My instructor Grand Master Low is an extremely skilled practitioner.  He is powerful, has an immense knowledge from decades of training and an almost magical ability to anticipate an opponent, and yet there are many times I have seen him give way, be gentle and ultimately is that not what being humble is.

So do you have to lose your Ego to be humble, I am not sure, perhaps you need to acknowledge it and accept it and gently move it to one side to make room for more skills and knowledge.

Is it easy to do, I don’t think so because I am still trying.

SEO techniques and/or utilities

What does SEO stand for: Search Engine Optimization?

This is setting up your website so that it appears at the top of the search page, when users is search for related items.

What Techniques can be used?

    • Make sure your website is professional, well-constructed and fast to load.
    • Make your content easy to read and products easy to fine.
    • Make sure your website displays well on a mobile device and the menus are easy to access and easy to use, mobile design is not just a scaled down version of a desktop design.
    • Use blogs to increase traffic and interaction, but do not write brief blogs as they may not generate ongoing conversations.
    • Keep your content fresh, so there is a reason for people to return to your site and therefore increase your traffic.
    • Ensure your website is built with semantic mark-up for accessibility and so that Google can easily interrogate your site.
    • Make sure your navigation does not contain broken links, so that all pages display correctly and not 404 errors appear.
    • Where applicable use keywords for local services, this will increase your hits from local searches.
    • Have meaningful and targeted titles on your page (in your title tags).

Pay per Click advertising

Have you seen that great looking link, clicked on it, only to find it is not what you thought it was?  Congrats you have clicked on a Pay per Click advert. 

Annoying? Yes (maybe)!

Sometimes you can discover something you want/need that you had not been looking for.

How do these work?

As the name suggests the advertiser only gets paid when someone actually clicks on the link.  The more clicks the more money, and advertisers love money (people with bills).

Key search words play a big part in the Pay per click.

When a person searches on say Goggle, Google’s algorithm looks at what all the advertisers and chooses a set of adverts that appear in the ad space on the search result page, you have probably noticed the adverts at the top of most search results.

What can Pay per Click be used for?

    • Mostly it is used to increase sales
    • Is can be used to get new customer leads
    • Also it can be used to increase Brand awareness, especially for an emerging business.

Pay per click are especially prevalent when a user is searching for a product or retail outlet, because the search is already geared for sales.

The Martial and/or the Art

You have probably heard this saying many times, I have from peers and seniors:

the more I learn the less I know.”

I find this to be inescapably true, the more I think about a technique, the more I realise, how much more I need to study it.  There are so many levels, so many details to consider.

Does meditating on a technique, on its beauty, how to gain more power, does it drive you towards studying the Art as opposed to the Martial?

Is diving into a technique so deeply almost a spiritual experience?

I have only questions at this stage, not answers and there are so many questions.

When I was young it was all about the fighting/sparing and self-defence, I loved it, I craved it.  As I get older, (not sure I like this getting older thing, but it is inevitable) I find I am drawn more to the Art.  To strive for that perfection that is out of my reach, at this stage anyway, maybe forever.

Does working on the Art detract from the actual self-defence?

Perhaps it is a silly question, I do not know, but as I think about the Art, I wonder is the Martial more instinctive, more in the moment.

I have witnessed some beautiful moments in the ring, seen some practitioners, who are poetry in motion.  So beautiful it takes your breath away.

Does the Art lead to the Martial or the Martial to the Art?

Or do they always belong together, as the name suggests.

Martial Arts

About 404 error

404 Error

Oops, I thought I was going to open a page I was looking for, but all I can see is “404 error”.  This is not helpful.  What does it mean?

404 error means you have tied to access a page and the computer said no.  That is, you have gone to the correct server but the page for some reason cannot display, sometimes called a ‘dead link’.  This could be for a number of reasons:

    • The page may have been deleted but associated links have not been updated.
    • There may be a ‘glitch’ on the server, so the page is not loading.
    • The URL is not correct.

Is there any way I can correct a 404 error?

You can:

    • Check the URL, to make sure it correct.
    • Reload the page, with F5, or shift + refresh.
    • Use a search engine and search for the page.
    • Try to navigate up a level to a previous directory to find the page or navigate to the home page.
    • Clear you cache and clear your cookies.

As a web developer can I customize a 404 error page? You can have your server point to a customised error page, you can style yourself with HTML and CSS.

At least when your page does not display they user can see a nicer error message.